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Global innovative cyber security company inspiring a new life of sense of security, happiness and convenience.

Polydigi Tech provides an extra layer of protection for your services. Easy integration at low cost. Together, we make your service safe and your customer protected.

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    The mobile multi-factor authentication solutions to authenticate individual end users. Backend-to-backend server integration ensures real-time authentication and superior security without sacrificing user experience. Frictionless client onboarding and integrations.

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    The SKCard solution is a mobile SIM card which is equipped with our patented authentication technology with more protective features tailored for AISPs and PISPs services. The solutions can be customized to serve your VIP customers to provide higher security for identity protection. Our security SKCard differentiates when Transferring 10 pounds is not equal to transferred 10,000 pound.

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    Secure Approval System - Multi-level

    This multi-level approval system is designed to provide remote protection for more complicated application such as corporate remittance process. Customers can complete the remittance process remotely under our multi-level approval protection ensuring high security for both the customers and service providers.

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    s-Factor App

    The S-Factor App works as a third party authenticator when there is no telco coverage. Download the app, and enjoy high level cyber protection even without mobile network. No data is stored, and privacy is protected.

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