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About Us

We are a global innovative cybersecurity company inspiring change by breathing new life into digital security with an air of convenience and sensibility.

Available for a low cost, our easy to integrate solutions provide an extra layer of protection for your services. At PolyDigi Tech, we ensure your services are safe and your customers are protected.

Our Story

Our Technology

Patent-pending Revolutionary Contactless Biometric Authentication Technology

No more privacy issues. No more worries about biometric data being stolen. PolyDigi Tech’s original biometric authentication solution eliminates all privacy risks. Another important feature is making the authentication process completely contactless, protecting individuals from COVID-19.

Patented Comparison Technology

Our Products

  • Biometric Authentication Solution


    ActiFID™ is our patent-pending revolutionary contactless biometric authentication solution, using the unique impression of the bottom of a clenched fist to authenticate and verify user identity. It is both technologically and methodologically superior, eliminating all privacy risks that existing solutions face.

  • Mobile MFA solutions


    s-Factr™ is the next generation one-time-passcode(OTP) solution. Instead of sending OTPs to users through SMS, s-Factr™ provides businesses with the flexibility to choose how to verify their customers using various Instant Messaging(IM) services, and users can receive OTPs via any IM services of their choice such as WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, and so on.

    Multi-level Approval System:

    Makes a company’s internal approval system (which is often a tedious process) a breeze and offers complete automation streamlining of the complex multi-level approval operations process.

    Seamless Mobile 2FA:

    Invisible real-time protection for businesses and customers featuring backend to backend integration protected by our unique patented technology.

  • IoT Security Solutions


    Protecting IoT devices at the device-level and clearly defining device ownership. Provides an easy authentication and authorization system which simplifies device management on a large scale.


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