About Us

Our Vision

Inspiring new understanding of cyber security that is intuitive, simple, and seamless.

Our Mission

Digitalisation is changing our lives rapidly. As businesses are starting to provide services online, cybersecurity has become an unavoidable topic and challenge. We help companies by providing an innovative authentication solution suitable for all banking industry and IoT services. We create a safety net, an extra layer of protection for your business and your customers.


Our Story

10 years ago, our founder Curtis Chan was in the gaming industry designing and developing mobile games. Hackers tried all the time to steal users’ accounts. User identity was something that always troubled him. He spent a lot of time contemplating and looking for solutions to protect and verify user identity when writing games. Curtis realised how online identity will become a large issue as he noticed businesses are bringing their services online other than mobile games. One day, he had an epiphany and came up with an idea of using the existing mobile network, which has the most infrastructure coverage around the globe, to solve this dilemma since mobile phones are becoming our identity.

When we joined the Department for International Trade (DIT) pitch in 2018, that marked the beginning of this amazing journey, and brought together the founding team members from different parts of the world. Monika Ohashi, who is greatly understanding different culture and masters fluently three different languages, is ambitious to challenge herself in very new brave areas, like blockchain and later cyber security business. Yves Segovia is one of the elite programmers in Philippines. He is working for different large-scale multi-regional projects in different countries. Alexander Chow has experienced exposure across different industries and sectors, implemented many projects for human-machine interfaces in Asia-Pacific countries. He focused on digitalization transformation for practical commercial applications. When in Hong Kong, we started to develop the core virtual identity technology based on our granted patent. Polydigi Tech has travelled far distance and finally settled in one of the most secure, regulated, competitive banking environments in the world. We want to be the best, and to do that we need to surround ourselves with excellence including clients who expect nothing but the best. We have established our headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2019, and we are on the next page of our journey to excellence.

Our Team