Press Release 2021.07.09

Polydigi Tech Announces Strategic Partnership with Open Banking Delivery

Edinburgh, Scotland – Polydigi Tech is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Open Banking Delivery.

Open Banking was designed to encourage competition and empowers the customers to take charge of their finances and make informed decisions. Polydigi Tech’s strategic partnership with Open Banking Delivery will accelerate its plan in creating a safe environment for services providers to deliver secure Open Banking products and services for their customers. Polydigi Tech’s s-Factr™ effectively eliminates all SMS OTP scams, phishing and pharming attack once and for all.  “Since we became the TPP for Open Banking since 2019, the ecosystem enables us to carefully approach the requirements and address the cyber challenges which led to our product today. We look forward to collaborating with OB Delivery to further our reach in the Open Banking Market.” Monika Ohashi, CIO of Polydigi Tech said.   Dr Anthony Evans, CEO of OB Delivery said “We specialise in supporting smaller TPPs in the UK, because we know that’s where the innovation to drive Open Banking forward REALLY comes from.  Polydigi Tech’s authentication services take security and user experience to the next level, and are a great example of how to make everything easier for the user.  This is just the sort of innovative startup that we love to support, both in the UK and abroad.  We look forward to the collaboration.”

For further enquiries please contact:
Monika Ohashi

About Polydigi Tech

Following an invitation from the United Kingdom Department of International Trade, Polydigi Tech established its Headquarter for our new adventure in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2019. Polydigi Tech is an innovative cybersecurity company that specialises in cutting-edge identity verification and authentication technologies. To counter the ever-growing risk of cyber-threats, Polydigi Tech has developed various patented and patent-pending innovative solutions including mobile phone based multi-factor authentication - s-Factr™️ , biometric authentication - ActiFID™️, and hardware protection for IoT devices and networks – d-Factr™. For more details about Polydigi Tech please visit our website at:

About Open Banking Delivery

OB Delivery is dedicated to the support of Open ecosystems Worldwide.  Originating in the UK’s OBIE, our core team were engaged from its start in 2017 to June 2020 when we successfully handed over to permanent staff.  Our role was to support the delivery of OB to all participants.  As such we have unique expertise in how OB is actually done.
Now independent of OBIE, OB Delivery use that unique expertise to support participants through the entire lifecycle.  With representatives and partners in UK, Latin America and South Africa, we help TPPs progress from initial business concept to scaling up and Internationalisation.  Our unique TPP scheme is designed to recognise their courage and innovation and help you all the way through to success.  We are TPPs as well – we know your World!For more details about OB delivery please visit: